Transmission Electron Micrograph of finely dispersed INSITU formed metal nanoparticles (2-5nm) in coatings.

Anti-Microbial Biocidal Coating

Topasol has developed INSITU NP synthesis method for silver nanoparticles in commercial paints and coatings. High-resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy analysis (HR-STEM) showed silver nanoparticles in the size range of 0.5 to 1.5nm in a commercial polyurethane coating. The coating exhibits a light yellow color due to plasmon resonance from silver nanoparticles which is observed at absorption peak around 425 nm by UV spectroscopy. Silver concentration can be varied from 0.1 to 2.5% without significant agglomeration of nanoparticles.

Topasol's nano-silver coatings are biocidal, in contrast to controls which showed bacterial and/or fungal growth (see Figure below). Topasol is seeking a partner to advance investigation and testing of these coatings