Transmission Electron Micrograph of finely dispersed INSITU formed metal nanoparticles (2-5nm) in coatings.

About Us

Topasol LLC is a world leader in the research and development of in-situ formation of nanoparticles for use in specialty coatings and composites. Topasol LLC owns intellectual property, pending patents and trade secrets, for a unique process (INSITU NP) to create nanoparticles in-situ of various different commercial coatings. INSITU NP is a competitive advantage to companies developing new technology to improve various coating properties such as hardness, biological resistance, optical properties, sensor properties and other uses Topasol is also developing precursor concentrates of nanoparticles to be subsequently dispersed in resin compositions.

Topasol LLC was established in December of 2005 in Lexington KY with a focus on development of novel nanocoatings technology for various applications including multi-functional nanocoatings, sensors, composite membranes, catalysts, and solar applications. The basis for founding the company comes from an invention of one of the founders, Dr. Uschi Graham, of in-situ nanoparticle formation in polymers (patent pending). This technology was originally developed at the University of Kentucky and has been licensed by the company. Subsequently, Topasol LLC has made additional patent applications (pending). The company is currently located at the Coldstream research park in Lexington, KY.

Topasol LLC consists of a five member core research team that is advised by an Advisory board of three leading industrialists.

Dr. Uschi Graham has over 15 years of experience with expertise in nanotechnology for wide variety of applications including but not limited to electronics, catalysts, fuel cells, nano-toxicology, and nanocoatings. During her tenure at University she has worked with several well-known academic researchers as well as companies for development of industrial solutions. She is currently serving as the President of the Tri-State Catalysis Society and is a co-founder of the bi-annual International NanoMat Workshop. Dr. Graham has over 50 publications, one US Patent involving nanomaterials synthesis and 4 pending patent applications in related fields. Apart from academics, she is a member on the board of several companies and institutes such as InfraReDx Inc, Gill Heart Institute, Atomic Analytics and TalkingScience Inc.

Dr. Rajesh Khatri is currently a Research Scientist with Topasol LLC and also the co-inventor of the technology licensed from the University of Kentucky. He has considerable experience in management of scientific projects and development of chemistry for processes. Dr. Khatri has a PhD in chemical engineering from University of Akron and has wide variety of experience including nanoparticle synthesis in polymers, PEM and solid oxide fuel cell catalyst development, heterogeneous catalysis, and CO2 separation using functionalized solid sorbents. He has twenty scientific papers and four pending patents related to the INSITU NP technology.

Dr. Bryan Livengood, Senior Research Scientist with Topasol has expertise in polymer-based nanotechnology and is an author of 13 patents and 9 trade secret formulations. He has 15 years of experience in many diverse polymer systems including fluoropolymers, polyesters, polyols, polyurethanes, styrenic copolymers, nylons and polyimides. He holds a PhD in Polymer Science from the University of Akron, and a BS degree from Penn State in Polymer Chemistry. Dr. Livengood has developed and commercialized over 20 formulations in the field of electrophotography. His previous experience includes production management at Daikin America, R&D and toner development team leader at Lexmark International and R&D/technical sales/process engineering/QC roles at Kao Specialties America. He has also co-developed several nano-sized coated metal oxides (silica, alumina, titania).

Dr. Ken Partymiller holds a PhD in chemistry from Penn State University and has worked at the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and for Tetratech Inc. and its predecessor companies (followed a number of mergers). He is an atmospheric and environmental chemist and has worked at most of the world's largest environmental clean-up sites, including Love Canal, the Venice Canals, etc. Dr. Partymiller is an expert on selection of analytical techniques, project quality control, and demonstration of new technology. He has helped Topasol develop and install our new laboratory equipments and techniques, as well as working on technical standards.

Dr. Fran Lockwood brings with her tremendous management and commercialization experience from various industries. Dr. Lockwood has over 30 years of experience in management of R&D and commercialization experience with hundreds of products, including coatings. Coatings that have been commercialized under her direction are "Spirit Foam", Keep Clean Wheel Protectant, and others. She is currently a member of the Ashland Consumer Markets leadership team that runs the company and as such has significant experience in all aspects of commercial practice. Her prior work experience includes General Motors, Martin Marietta (currently Lockheed Martin), and Pennzoil Co. She is author of over 60 publications, 15 US Patents, 13 non US Patents and 13 pending patent applications. She serves on the editorial board of several journals, has won multiple awards, and is a former Board of Directors member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. She is also a member and founder of Solar Energy Solutions LLC (SES), a solar installation company serving the Midwest.

Dr. Burt Davis is the Associate Director at the Center for Applied Energy Research and Director of the Clean Fuels and Energy Group at the University of Kentucky. He has over 600 publications in the field of fuel processing and catalysis and 8 US patents. He also has edited several books and special journal issues. In mid 1980's, Dr. Davis developed a research program for the conversion of syngas (hydrogen and CO) to hydrocarbons known as Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis process. The FT process depends heavily on nanoparticle work. Dr. Davis received the Henry Storch award in fuel science awarded by the Fuel Division of American Chemical Society, for his creative work in fuel science related to catalysis and nanoparticle synthesis. Dr.Davis is currently one of the seven members of the catalysis advisory board for Sasol, the world's largest industry operating the commercial Fischer-Tropsch plants.

Dr. Robert Wombles is a member of Topasol's advisory board. Dr. Wombles is currently V. P. of R &D for Koppers Industries Inc., and former V. P. of R & D for Ashland Oil. He is a past president of an entrepreneurial startup company in Lexington, KY, DTX Oil, which raised a large amount of venture capital. He holds ten US patents and several scientific publications.